In times of national crisis, the Lord called His people to gather in a solemn assembly for a time to confess and repent of their sins. They were times to renew their covenant relationship with the Lord and return to Him in faithful love and obedience. They were times for worship and sacrifice, feasting and fasting. Spiritual leaders knew that the solemn assembly was a time for corporate repentance in the face of God’s righteous judgments (Joel 2, 2 Chron 15, 20, 30, 34, Nehemiah 9, Jonah 3). A number of national revivals in the Old Testament occurred in response to a sacred assembly.

In the face of national crisis, John Adams, 2nd U.S. President, declared in 1798, “That all religious congregations do, with the deepest humility, acknowledge before GOD the manifold sins and transgressions with which we are justly chargeable as individuals and as a nation; beseeching him…through the Redeemer of the world, freely to remit all our offences, and to incline us, by his Holy Spirit, to that sincere repentance and reformation which may afford us reason to hope for his inestimable favor and heavenly benediction…”

We gathered in the same spirit of corporate repentance acknowledging our offenses before God as individuals, churches, and as a nation on September 2nd. 2012. We ask God to hear from heaven, forgive our sin, and heal our land.