Our Vision

Our vision at BENHAM Companies is to be a catalyst for cultural change in global and domestic marketplaces by striving to erase the line that separates business and ministry through a new and unique global movement we termed “Missioneering”. Our vision combines the aspects of pioneering and engineering to the foundation of global missions and creates self sustaining revenue centers for the purposes of taking the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the unreached & unengaged.  


Our first Missioneering business concept was birthed in Southeast Asia at the end of 2009. By setting up remote shared service locations for American, Canadian, and European companies, we have been able to provide employment opportunities for locals and growth opportunities for our clients, while paving the way for the Gospel to be lived out in the marketplace. Our on-site management teams are strategically positioned for maximum impact on both the organizational and ministerial fronts, and both are financially supported by our Missioneering model. While they live, love and share their faith with fellow employees and the local community, our Missioneers are able to serve the Lord and impact their community in a number of different levels that otherwise would be impossible.