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Posted by David Benham on Mon, 03/12/2012 - 14:07.

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Boy into Base

Prov 26:28 - "…… a flattering mouth works ruin." 

The truth of this verse rests in the fact that a flattering mouth does not allow you to know where you truly stand. This eventually leads to ruin.

This truth in this verse was illustrated to me perfectly last weekend when my son, Trae, told my wife that he would rather have me at his games than his mom because he likes my reactions better. We were very bewildered at his off-the-cuff comment so my wife pressed him further for the reason behind his perspective. What he could possibly have meant by this?

His response brought the above verse to life!  "Well, mom, when I look over at Dad, during my game, I know right away if I'm playing well or not. But when I look over at you all you ever say is 'Good Job', so I never really know how I am doing.” Kids often say the darndest ,yet most honest, things, right?!

In today's world many of us are so careful to be encouraging and uplifting that it borders on flattery, which ultimately brings ruin. Let’s be honest! The people we truly appreciate are the friends, co-workers or business partners that tell us the truth. We value what they tell us because it is not just want we want to hear. 

In your business, be sure to not flatter your clients, but tell them the truth. Provide the feedback necessary to an employee so they can develop and mature in their role and in your home, encourage your children by telling them the truth and in the end, it will be your words that will be the most encouraging after all.  Now what about when your wife asks you about that new dress she bought?

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