Faith-Based Films Prevail at Box Office

Posted by David Benham on Fri, 03/09/2012 - 08:56.

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Courageous The Movie

A headline on FoxNews caught my attention yesterday, "Faith-based films made more money in 2011 than their left-leaning counterparts".

Over the last 2 years our company has supported faith-based films with prayer and financial support. We have also voiced our backing in our community by promoting and attending these movies when they play at local theaters and through special events, like the upcoming Projecting Hope Film Festival visiting Charlotte this weekend. Jason and I have even had the rare priviledge to play minor roles in a film to get a first-hand, behind the scene look into the making of a motion picture. 

If you are not in the Charlotte metro, an opportunity to see the newest  redeeming film is coming up later this month when October Baby is  released on March 23rd.  

It's so encouraging to us to read that Americans would much rather watch a clean, pro-Christian, redeeming film when given the alternative. Our prayer is that these films are not simply viewed as entertainment but they would spark change in lives of the viewers in the theatre and for years to come when watching them at home.